Sunday, February 27, 2011

I received a Blog Award!!!!

I just received this lovely award from Dakota Bear

I need to write 8 things about myself. And pass this award onto 8 other bloggers.
So, here's the downlow on me
1. I've been married to my wonderful DH for over 25 years.
2. I have 6 beautiful children whom I adore
3. I have 7 adorable grandchildren and 1 great grandson
4. I am a christian
5. I run a 24 hour daycare out of my home
6. I love to read romantic novels
7. I love warm rainy days
8. I love to garden but, I hate bugs! LOL
Blogger's who I want to send this award to are as follow:


  1. Congratulations on your award Anna and please forgive me for being so late with it. I really am touched that you are passing this on to me. Thank you for your kindness! I've been running around like crazy headless chicken but I've been able to see your groovy creations that are so inspiring! You are fabulous girl!

  2. Thanks lovemypaper & Terry!


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